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Authentic 1960's Beatle Boots

All our boots are made by a Korean Master Boot maker using the finest materials available. They have beautiful hand selected calf leather and suede uppers, distinctive  leather lining, durable leather soles, usable boot straps and are hand made by skilled Korean craftsmen using classic 60's British design. I found Mr Yu while serving in USAF stationed in Korea.  The Korean craftsmenship goes unsurpassed in quality and durability, I know this first hand and is why I choose the craftmenship of Mr.Yu and his boot craftsmen team.. These are not massed produced, but each pair is custom fit by size, width and to each individuals special needs

These Revolver boots were designed from many of the original pictures of the early Beatles wearing the boots, most of which were from the Sullivan era.  Photo's from a Hard Day's Night  were also used as guides to their authenticity.  These Boots are hand made by a master craftsmen bootmaker that uses the softest , highest quality leather available today.  Just as the outside of boot is high quality the inside as well is beautifully made, unlike many I have seen and bought myself.  I too was in a Beatle Tribute band called Meet Revolver and played Ringo.  I had the cheap boots (Blems)from another online source and they looked unfinished on the inside and very uncomfortable.  They only offered one width and I have wide feet 4E.  So I decided to create my own boots in any width and any size and make them with high-end materials with a master craftsmen and came up with the Revolver boot.   Most Beatle boots out their don't use the double stitch like the Original Beatle Boots had. Revolver boots have the double stitch.


I have seen Italian, German and USA bootmakers and these far surpass the quality and durability and cost of custom boots!

Michael R. Hawkins, Retired USAF MSgt 24 Years

Owner Revover Boots

2012 Meet Revolver Tribue Band

Michael Hawkins (Big Ringo) Standing


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2" Cuban Heals     

Two seam center stich

Strong useable pull up strap

High quality leathers

Leather Souls

Hand Made/Custom Fit

Any Width Any Size

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I've been wearing "Beatles" Cuban heeled boots for most of my adult life and I've been looking for a well made pair for decades and then I found your boots. The quality of the components are superb and I get compliments about them all the time. The leather is the most beautiful and softest I've ever seen boots made of..
Thank you for selling them to me.
Scott Immordino,Ga, USA

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